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Escape the hutsle and bustle of busy cities, visit Vanadzor! Vanadzor is the capital of Lori Marz, in the north central part of Armenia. Vanadzor is Armenia's third largest city, with a population of about 105,000 people. It is surrounded by unspoilt nature – lush green forests, mountains and hills. Vanadzor is a resort centre due to its mild climate, clean air and mineral springs. Many hotels and spa resorts are built in the city and the nearby countryside. If you are interested in archaeological sites, Mashtots Hill is home to many remains that date to the 4th-3rd millennia BC.  You should also visit Holy Mother of God Church, which is a popular church with interesting architecture. Nature lovers should visit the botanical garden of Vanadzor, which is one of the most beautiful places to visit not only in Vanadzor but also in Armenia. Established in 1935, it covers an area of 12 hectares and includes 600 species of plants.To indulge in the atmosphere of Vanadzor, book a taxi online. We will make your travel in Vanadzor a really enjoyable one through private transfers at any time of the day.  Don’t miss the chance to make the most out of your journey with TaxiTransfers.Me. Our cars are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

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Either to save money or to travel in groups, find your shared transfer, your driver and your travel companions, consider sharing your ride with more people or simply join other tourists travelling to the same destination. Nothing is as good for the team spirit as a shared experience. Platform apps are a useful way to compare prices and to get to your destination at a reduced cost. Travel worry-free, book private and shared transfers to and from Vanadzor online. We offer a stress-free travel experience with local drivers that love their city and know all about it.

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No visit to Vanadzor is complete without trying the local delicacies. If you want to get acquainted with ordinary people and try organic products, the local market will definitely interest you. You will be able to buy mouthwatering organic fruit and vegetables, delicious jams and pickles, as well as honey and lavash. Book a taxi online to get to the best eateries in Vanadzor. We offer the best price for car hire, airport shared and private transfers and the best transfer service with local drivers. Make the most of your time in each city, book private transfers via TaxiTransfers.Me!