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Sighișoara is a city on the Târnava Mare River in Mureș County, Romania. Located in the historic region of Transylvania. It is a popular tourist destination for its well-preserved walled old town, which is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Enclosed by once strong defensive fortifications, Sighisoara Citadel is a celebration of color and charm. The use of vehicles is restricted inside the Citadel so walking along its stony lanes feels like a time travel like no other. The medieval Old Town is very small yet full of hidden treasures. Read on and find out what to do in Sighisoara, this medieval gem of a town located right in the heart of the stunning Transylvania region. To indulge in the atmosphere of Sighișoara, book a taxi online. We will make your travel in Sighișoara a really enjoyable one through private transfers at any time of the day. Don’t miss the chance to make the most out of your business travel or a holiday trip to Sighișoara with TaxiTransfers.Me. Our cars are at your disposal 24 hours a day. The private car service can be the ideal solution for your journey in Sighișoara.

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Either to save money or to travel in groups, find your shared transfer, your driver and your travel companions, consider sharing your ride with more people or simply join other tourists traveling to the same destination. Nothing is as good for the team spirit as a shared experience. Platform apps are a useful way to compare prices and to get to your destination at a reduced cost. Travel worry-free, book private, and shared airport transfers to and from Sighisoara online. The nearest major airport is Târgu Mureș Transilvania International Airport. This airport has international and domestic flights from Targu-Mures, Romania, and is 61 km from the center of Sighisoara, from where you can get to the center of Sighisoara with TaxiTransfers.Me. The fastest way to get to Sighisoara from the airport is by a private transfer or shared transfer. We offer a stress-free travel experience and shuttle transfers with local drivers that love their city and know all about it.

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By the way, if you have an interest in all things Dracula, you should know that Sighisoara is an important part of his life’s story as it is considered his birthplace. Vlad III, also known as Vlad Tepes, Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Dracul, or, simply, Dracula, was a Romanian ruler renowned for the cruel methods he used to torture and execute his enemies. He reigned for extended periods of time between the years 1448 – 1476 and he was particularly fond of execution by impalement. However, not everyone remembers him as a bloodthirsty, cold-hearted madman. For many, Vlad III was a national hero who did his best to save Romania from brutal Ottoman attacks. Book a taxi online to get to the best restaurants and shops in Sighisoara. We offer the best price for car hire, airport shared and private transfers, and the best transfer service with local drivers. Make the most of your time in each city, book private transfers via TaxiTransfers.Me!