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Situated in the western part of Germany, Monchengladbach is a charming city that attracts all its visitors. It is a mixture of old and new with green parks and historical sites. Throughout the year, the city holds a plethora of festivals and events. You can enjoy a laid-back lifestyle in this picturesque city and forget all your worries. You should explore one of the oldest Abbie’s in the country, Gladbach Abbey. For several centuries, the development of the town was based on the economy of the monastery and in the 14th century, Mönchengladbach became a major trading center, housing several large textile factories, craft workshops, and breweries. The city also developed as a cultural center, but during the Second World War, many of its architectural marvels were demolished. One of the main historical symbols of the city, the Basilica of St. Vitus, which is a preserved part of an old Benedictine monastery is worth your attention. It was built in the 12th century on the site of an earlier one, it took more than a hundred years to build it. Within the walls of the church, you can see many amazing religious artifacts: a beautiful antique organ, as well as a gold chest hiding a secret that you may reveal. The old church is also characterized by its unique design with wonderful stained-glass windows, wooden elements, and other amazing decoration fragments. To indulge in the atmosphere of Monchengladbach, book a taxi online. We will make your travel in Monchengladbach a really enjoyable one through private transfers at any time of the day. Don’t miss the chance to make the most out of your journey with TaxiTransfers.Me. Our cars are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

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Either to save money or to travel in groups, find your shared transfer, your driver and your travel companions, consider sharing your ride with more people or simply join other tourists travelling to the same destination. Nothing is as good for the team spirit as a shared experience. Platform apps are a useful way to compare prices and to get to your destination at a reduced cost. Travel worry-free, book private and shared transfers to and from Monchengladbach online. We offer a stress-free travel experience with local drivers that love their city and know all about it.

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If you would like to go shopping, the Minto is a fantastic megamall with all kinds of shops to suit every taste: from supermarkets to extensive food court. You can find many places to eat throughout the city offering vegan-friendly, international, German, Middle Eastern and many other cuisines. Whether you fancy exquisite restaurants, fast food or just a drink in the evening, the choice is endless. Book a taxi online to get to the best places of interest, shops and restaurants in Monchengladbach. We offer the best price for car hire, airport shared and private transfers and the best transfer service with local drivers. Make the most of your time in each city, book private transfers via TaxiTransfers.Me!