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Bilbao is one of the main cities in Spain’s northern Basque region, along with San Sebastián and Vitoria-Gasteiz. It’s a fun, vibrant and artistic spot, packed with fascinating attractions. The Guggenheim contemporary art museum may be Bilbao’s most famous attraction, but there’s a lot more to see and do here than just that. The city is home to a lively Old Town, lots of contemporary architecture and many other museums including the Fine Arts Museum, the Archeological Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the Bullfighting Museum. Bilbao is also a great destination for architecture lovers, whether they’re fans of old and historic or cutting-edge and modern. Some of the buildings that stand out are Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim, the Azkuna Zentroa – redesigned by Philippe Starck– and the Bilbao Santiago Cathedral, built in the 15th century. Bilbao sits surrounded by mountains and is also very close to the coast. You can go hiking around Artxanda hill in the morning, followed by a surf session at Sopelana Beach in the afternoon. Here you really have the best in the city, the countryside, and the coast. To indulge in the atmosphere of Bilbao, book a taxi online. We will make your travel in Bilbao a really enjoyable one through private transfers at any time of the day. Don’t miss the chance to make the most out of your business travel or a holiday trip to Bilbao with TaxiTransfers.Me. Our cars are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

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Either to save money or to travel in groups, find your shared transfer, your driver and your travel companions, consider sharing your ride with more people or simply join other tourists travelling to the same destination. Nothing is as good for the team spirit as a shared experience. Platform apps are a useful way to compare prices and to get to your destination at a reduced cost. Travel worry-free, book private and shared airport transfers to and from Bilbao online. The nearest major airport is Bilbao Airport. This airport has international and domestic flights and is 16 km from the center of Bilbao, from where you can get to Bilbao with TaxiTransfers.Me. The fastest way to get to Bilbao from the airport is by a private transfer or shared transfer. We offer a stress-free travel experience and shuttle transfers with local drivers that love their city and know all about it.

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Important information about Bilbao, Basque, as well as Castilian, is an official language here, so don’t be surprised if you hear it on the streets or see signs and road names in a language you’re very unfamiliar with. Basque is actually the oldest European language and is completely unrelated to any other language on the planet currently spoken today.  Book a taxi online to get to the best restaurants and shops in Bilbao. We offer the best price for car hire, airport shared and private transfers and the best transfer service with local drivers. Make the most of your time in each city, book private transfers via TaxiTransfers.Me!