Vienna International Airport Transfers

Vienna International Airport 

Vienna International Airport, being the largest airport in Austria, is the hub where flights to and from Austria mainly land. The airport is capable of handling large, wide-body aircrafts and occupies a territory situated in between Fischamend and Schwechat. Initially Vienna Airport was built to serve for and fulfill military purposes during the Second World War until the British captured it. Airport building became a major working process starting from 1959. There was one runway, which expanded to the measure of 3000 meters and later on, some others were built contributing to enlargement of airport surface. 

History and development over the years

Taking into account that the airport served a whole country, Austrian government took measures to provide appropriate construction in its favor. Railway station, general aviation center, terminal, and runways were opened and finally proved to their worth. Nowadays Vienna Airport features 4 terminals offering immediate assistance in each of them and 5 concourses. There are two information desks in Terminal 1, Terminal 3 and one info desk in the arrival hall. In 2006 airport’s control tower got in operation welcoming its guests to Vienna even from the aircraft. Night laser show captured everyone’s attention on the magnificent sight to the fore of airport entrance. Major changes have been recorded since 2012: reconstruction of jet bridges, opening of Austrian Star Alliance Terminal, due to which airport handles up to 25-30 million passengers per year.

Entertainment at Vienna International Airport 

VIE is a perfect place where you can make yourself comfortable chatting with your travel companion. Sitting in a lounge, enjoying a cup of coffee starts from €33. Relax awaiting your flight or get something to eat when it has just departed. Airport lounge offers free Wi-Fi, international newspapers, magazines to catch up with swiftly developing and globalizing world. Regardless of the class and airline that you are travelling with you can feel at ease in utmost comfortable atmosphere where every passenger is treated with an individual approach. Feel religious tranquility and dive into catholic spirit passing through the prayer room in the very midst of Vienna Airport where everyone is on the move. 

Private Transfers to and from Vienna International Airport

Vienna is a great starting point for those who want to have a trip within central Europe. It’s the cultural, historical capital which unites thousands of years of development, history and art. The second thought that might occur to travelers is booking a quality transfer to enjoy the service and reach to their desired destination. There are many companies worldwide offering the aforementioned with varying prices. What one should consider is booking a transfer beforehand notifying the local supplier about luggage, number of passengers and particular needs to organize arrangements. 

Shared Transfers to and from Vienna International Airport

Travelers on budget give preference to shared transfers and do not at all mind to be accompanied by other passengers. Shared transfers to VIE might be booked online or via phone call depending on the company you are interested in. You can save up some money for your next trips to explore the world by choosing this option.

Vienna International Airport Car Hire

Among Austrian and foreign companies offering car disposals, car hire, one can find cheap options tailored to their needs. Car rental varieties are spread all over the Internet with maximum chances of saving up some percentages for one’s own profit. 

Vienna International Airport Taxis

Finding the best deals by partnering with major transfer companies is much easier. Ordering a taxi, compared to booking transfers is faster, while the latter is time-consuming. Nevertheless, people taking precautions reserve in advance, as there is a huge possibility of busy drivers and airport taxis at the moment you might need them. 

Vienna International Airport Contact Information

Official Airport Code: VIE

Address: Wien-Flughafen, 1300 Schwechat, Austria

Tel: +43 1 70070


Official Website: