Melilla Airport Transfers

Melilla Airport

Had you ever heard about a phenomenon being on the other side of the sea but hold a title being the opposite side? Sounds like a riddle, but Melilla Airport is a big part of this puzzle. This airport is an enclave of Spain in Africa. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea on Africa continent. Being far about 4 kilometers from the city and near the border with Morocco, this airport welcomes small or medium-sized jets only.  

Services for people with reduced mobility at Melilla Airport

You can book additional assistance online at least 48 hours before departure while making arrangements with the airline or travel agent. Some airlines also offer help, in case you are booking by phone. Therefore you can be picked up by train, bus, taxi or on your arrival by car. If you forget to book before you arrive at the airport, you can still request help on the arrival hall. Please take into account that you have to calculate more time.

Transit in Melilla Airport

Transit system at the airport is not developed, because of the location of the airport. The airport transit service works in Africa for the main. 

Shopping in Melilla Airport

Melilla Airport is not a dream paradise for shopaholics. In the shopping area, you may purchase TAX-FREE beverages and some snacks. Restaurants and bars are rare at the airport. 

Private Transfer Service to/from Melilla Airport

After an exhausting flight, you will certainly need a fast and smooth transfer to your desired destination to get some rest. You should pay primary importance to the company you choose, as unprofessional and rude service may spoil your first impressions of the country. Always compare the companies to find the best price for airport transfer.

The infrastructure of Melilla Airport

Melilla Airport is a small airport, on the Mediterranean Sea. As a human made object, this airport has some amount of impact on nature and sea, but the greatest infrastructure and masterly built systems of the airport decrease the chances of huge portion of pollution. Melilla Airport has 2 main terminals and halls: arrival and departure halls. The opening hours of the airport is 08:00-18:30 during winter period and 07:45-20:30 in the summer time. At the airport you can find only couple shops and cafeterias, which mainly serve breakfast and snacks.

Internet access at Melilla Airport

Wireless Internet broadcasts throughout the terminal of Melilla Airport .It is free to use and easy to access. However, if you need a hand connecting to the network, without hesitating you can talk to the friendly associates at the airport information desk in the Arrivals Hall. The WiFi service is part of the airports wider commitment to provide passengers with the best experience and offers internet access anywhere in the terminal.

Shared transfers to and from Melilla Airport 

Melilla Airport is in the Spanish territory of Melilla which is situated in mainland North Africa. The closest boarder Melilla has is with Morocco, only 90 minutes to drive from the airport. Public transportation has strong connection within the city center, but not from/to airport. By taking bus you can easily reach to any port in the city or to neighboring country, Morocco. The easiest way to get to city center is reserving a car under your name before arriving.  

Melilla Airport Taxis 

A special service is the certified airport taxis, which are waiting for you at the designated taxi ranks of the arrival and departure floors and are marked with a sticker with the inscription Airport Taxi. Passengers can choose the type of vehicle and also choose to drive in a smoker or non-smoker vehicle.

Baggage Service at Melilla Airport

Cargo and Baggage Services are available at Melilla Airport. The Baggage allowances are determined by airlines and will depend on factors such as fare paid, class, route, aircraft type, government regulations, and the airline's own company, commercial and health and safety policies.

Melilla Airport Contact Information

Official IATA code: MLN 

Address: Ctra. de Yasinen, s/n, 52005 Melilla, Spain

Phone: +34 913 21 10 00/ +34 902 404 704

Official Website: