Gran Canaria Airport Transfers

Gran Canaria Airport

The Gran Canaria airport (Las Palmas De Gran Canaria Airport) is located in the eastern part of Gran Canaria. This airport is 25 kilometers away from the popular tourist areas in the south of Spain and only 19 kilometers to the south of Las Palmas. Regardless LPA is middle in size. It welcomes the immense number of travelers each year. Via the airport, they transfer or travel (the number of passengers crosses the border of 10 million in a year) to interregional places and not only. This attractive airport was opened in 1930, and the airline routes are constructed on the edge of the island, where you can feel the blueness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Services for people with reduced mobility at Gran Canaria Airport

You can book additional free special assistance online at least 48 hours before departure while visiting their webpage or making arrangements with the airline or travel agent. Some airlines also offer help, in case you are booking by phone. Therefore, you can be picked up by train, bus, taxi, or on your arrival by car. You must always remember that you can freely ask for assistance to the airline to ensure your seat on the plane. If you forget to book before you arrive at the airport, you can still request help on arrival. Please take into account that you have to calculate more time. 

Transit in Gran Canaria Airport

The structure of the airport allows finding the gates quickly. Since the airport has 3 main terminals, which can make the finding process a bit complicated, but still there are many ways not to get lost in the airport and find your flight gate at the right time. Each terminal of the airport has its features — for example, proper names and colorings of the terminals or by the route of the flight.

Shopping in Gran Canaria Airport

The Gran Canaria Airport is a real paradise for shopaholics. In the shopping area of duty-free, you may purchase TAX-FREE beverages, tobacco, perfume by luxuriant brands, sports goods, and accessories, and much more. But do not be tempted; otherwise, you can miss your flight.

Private Transfer Service to and from Gran Canaria Airport

After an exhausting flight, you will undoubtedly need a fast and smooth transfer to your desired destination to get some rest. You should pay primary importance to the company you choose, as unprofessional and rude service may spoil your first impressions of the country. Always compare the companies to find the best price for airport transfer or as it is the 21st century you can use download some application on your phone, which can help you in that case of transferring..

The infrastructure of Gran Canaria Airport

Gran Canaria Airport consists of a signal terminal dispersed into one main building. Divided between three terminals: A, B & C.  Sometimes changing a terminal can become a headache for travelers, and must of them would get confused. The way the piers are constructed in this airport none of the visitors will get confused or get lost in the airport. For each terminal, there is a unique feature that helps travelers to find the right terminal and ‘responsibility’ of flights by the rout. Any of these terminals are located one of the levels of the airport. Airports have primary levels such as the Ground floor, First and Second floors. At the Ground floor counting 401-406 check-in desks, and boarding gates A1-15. It has available services such as Lost baggage, ATMs, rental car or currency exchange desks. Regards the sizes of the platform, the Ground floor has two halls: Domestic Arrival and International Arrival. On First level you can find all the check-in areas’ of terminals A to C and D(International flights which need of security screening):

Green Terminal or Terminal A - This terminal handles all EUR international flights and the check-in process for every flight is done in the upper floor.

Orange Terminal or Terminal B - This terminal holds the responsibility of domestic flights within Spanish Peninsula and even all non-Schengen flights are happening via this terminal.

Red Terminal or Terminal C - Terminal C manages all the local inter-island flights within Canary Islands and does not have passport control on arrivals.

Internet access at Gran Canaria Airport 

Wireless Internet broadcasts throughout the terminal of Gran Canaria Airport. It is free to use and easy to access. However, if you need a hand connecting to the network, without hesitating, you can talk to the friendly associates at the airport information desk in the Arrivals Hall. The WiFi service is part of the airport's broader commitment to provide passengers with the best experience and offers internet access anywhere in the terminals.

Shared transfers to and from Gran Canaria Airport

In these modern times of our world, it’s not very complicated to find a transfer service while traveling. Spain is one of the contemporary countries which won’t give you and a tough time to get an excellent transfer service from/to Gran Airport. Five bus lines connect the airport to the capital and the tourist area of Puerto de Mogán. Tariffs of transfers are not high, which are beneficial for all the travelers who prefer to spend less and see much. However, if public transportation is not a thing you want to deal with, you can rent a car by some of the companies which offer rental service.

Gran Canaria Airport Taxis

A special service is the certified airport taxis, which are waiting for you at the designated taxi ranks of the arrival and departure floors and are marked with a sticker with the inscription Airport Taxi. Passengers can choose the type of vehicle and also choose to drive in a smoker or non-smoker vehicle.

Baggage Service at Gran Canaria Airport

Cargo and Baggage Services are available at Gran Canaria Airport. The Baggage allowances are determined by the airlines and will depend on factors such as fare paid, class, route, aircraft type, government regulations, and the airline's own company, commercial and health and safety policies.

Gran Canaria Airport Contact Information

Official IATA code: LPA, ICAO:GCLP

Address: Autopista GC-1, s/n, 35230, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 928 57 91 30

Official Website: