Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Transfers

Frankfurt–Hahn Airport 

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is a civilian airport in Rhineland-Palatinate converted from US military use since 1993. Germany's sixth-largest cargo airport is around 125 kilometers by road west of Frankfurt am Main. In passenger traffic, it is mainly served by the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair. Due to its past as a military airport, the airport has no connection to public transport, but is approached by some long-distance bus lines. 

The main route for the Frankfurt-Hahn airport to the east (Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Mainz, and others) is the main road 50, which was expanded on a new line in the direction of A 61 at Rheinböllen four lanes. To the west (Trier, Saarland, Luxembourg, A1, A60 and others), the federal highway 327 is partially extended to three lanes. Likewise, an extension of the Federal Highway 50 in the direction of the Eifel and Belgium via a new Moselle bridge is projected.

The airport is authorized for flights under instrument and visual flight rules and is open 24 hours. Between 21:00 and 05:00, air traffic is limited only to aircraft with noise or special cases. Flights for training and practice purposes are subject to further restrictions during the night, at lunchtime and on Sundays and public holidays.

Frankfurt–Hahn Airport Private Transfers

The distance to Frankfurt is about 125 kilometers. This is relatively far to take a taxi. With a lot of luggage, traveling by bus or train can be a logistical challenge. Use our clever private transfer service to get to your destination in a relaxed and punctual manner. Our drivers pick you up right at the gate and take care of your luggage.

In Hahn itself there are only a few attractions. Worth mentioning is the golf course very close to the airport. Some hotels in the area serve as convenient accommodation if you want to arrive the day before the flight or visit the Airport Hahn for a short flying visit. The landscape is characterized by the low mountain range Hunsrück in the east and the Mosel valley in the west. Here you can take wonderful walks. Along the Moselle are idyllic vineyards and historic villages. For wine lovers, a trip to the small winegrowers is worthwhile to taste the local delicacies. Book our chauffeur service for a trip to Burg an der Mosel or to Simmern. For lovers of beautiful jewelry, the city of Pforzheim is a top address. Here is an important center of German goldsmith and jeweler art.

Frankfurt–Hahn Airport Car Hire

At the airport Frankfurt-Hahn you will find several car rental providers. All are represented by a switch in the terminal. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is known for offering low-cost airlines in particular. The traffic connection of the airport Frankfurt Hahn is a bit problematic. For this reason, many travelers save the taxi costs and rent a car from or to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

Customers of car rental companies are advised to hand over keys and papers only when returned to vehicles to the authorized personnel who carry out vehicle repossession for the aforementioned car rental companies.

Carsharing at Frankfurt–Hahn Airport

Due to the location of the airport, so far only a few car sharing providers are represented here.

Frankfurt–Hahn Airport Contact Information

Official Website:

Address: 55483 Hahn-Flughafen, Germany

Contact telephone numbers: + 49 6543 509113