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Brussels Airport

Brussels International Airport (IATA code BRU) also called Zaventem. It is the largest airport in Belgium. In 2018 Brussels Airport was the 24th busiest airport in Europe. The airport is located 15 km from Downtown. Brussels Airport uses a one terminal concept, meaning that all the facilities are located under a single roof. The terminal building consists of several levels. The railway station is located on −1, buses and taxis arrive at 0, arrivals are located on level 2 and departures on level 3. Levels 2 and 3 are connected to the airport’s two piers (A and B).

Pier A

Pier A is the newest pier on Brussels Airport and was opened on 15 May 2002. This pier was destined to support flights from and to the Schengen countries (A-gates). Pier A was connected to the main building via a 400-metre-long tunnel under the apron. Each pier used to have its own security zone, so transfer between the piers involved a security check.

Pier B

Pier B is the oldest pier still in use at Brussels Airport and is only used for flights outside the Schengen Area. Pier B is connected immediately to the main departure hall and consists of two decks. The upper deck (level 3) is at the same level as the departure halls and is used for the departing passengers, whereas the lower deck (level 2) is used for arriving passengers and connects immediately to border control and the baggage claim area.

The train station is located directly under the departures and arrivals halls, at level -1. The platform is easily reached by lift or escalator. With the train, you can travel from Brussels Airport to various Belgian cities or to our neighbours. Have you just arrived by train at Brussels Airport station? Keep your ticket at hand. You have to scan it at the entrance gates to enter the airport.

History and development of Brussels Airport

The origins of Brussels Airport at Zaventem date back to 1940, when German forces occupied this territory. There is an urban legend that the site of the airport was chosen by the Germans after asking locals where to build it–the Belgians then pointed to this location as it was often foggy. The civil aerodrome was officially opened on 20 July 1948. The railway from Brussels city centre to Brussels airport was constructed in1955. It was officially opened on15 May 1955 by King Baudouin. In 2005, the airport was awarded Best Airport in Europe by Airports Council International/International Air Transport Association (ACI/IATA).

Entertainment of Brussels airport

Passengers with reduced mobility who travel alone may apply for special assistance to help them move about the airport. In this case, assistance provider “Axxicom Airport Caddy” will see to it that you’re brought to the gate in a wheelchair. Don’t forget to request this service at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled departure time through your airline or travel agent. After checking in your luggage, you can go to the Special Assistance reception desk for further assistance. You can find the desk in the departures hall, near check-in row 1 next to Travelex. The Brussels Airport information desk is located in the arrivals hall on your right-hand side when you leave the baggage hall. You can find all the information about the airport infrastructure and facilities, referrals to tour operators and airlines, public transport, etc. If you are in Brussels Airport by transit flight and should wait your next flight, do not worry. In this airport you can find free Wi Fi, there are many restaurants, where you can enjoy Belgian chocolate, different shops, lounges, etc.

Private Transfers to and from Brussels Airport

Take a private transfer to and from the airport without stress. Your driver will drive you straight to your destination. Enjoy excellent service, simply comfortable travel or prepare for an appointment in peace. Just be advised to book the private transfer in advance by our website

Shared Transfers to and from Brussels Airport

We can offer you budget transfers too. Sharing your transfer with other people, you have a comfortable and a cheaper transfer. In Brussels you can find many companies, which can offer you shared transfers, but we offer you our service. Our partners in Brussels are chosen very carefully, so we will provide you high quality service. 

Brussels Airport Car Hire / Car Rental

A rental car gives you the freedom to explore. The service desks of major car rental companies are located in the Arrivals Hall. Picking up your rental car is extremely easy. Simply report to the service desk in the Arrivals Hall and you can collect your rental car from the Car Rental garage shortly after. And if you prefer to be in the driver’s seat, but only require a car for a short period of time? Then car sharing is the perfect solution. So, you can take shared transfer to get the Brussels city centre and vice versa. Shared transfers to and from is a perfect solution for travelers, who prefer budget and comfortable transfers.

Brussels Airport Taxis

At the airport you can find many taxis, which gladly transfer you everywhere. This is a very comfortable option, if you have not booked a private transfer for you. Just be careful, taxi drivers seeing that you are tourist may take much money.

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