Antwerp International (Deurne) Airport Transfers

Antwerp International Airport

Antwerp International Airport, also called Deurne  is a small  international airport serving Antwerp, Belgium. It is used for some scheduled and charter flights as well as business and general aviation. The international airport of Antwerp is located about 2 km southeast of the city centre. Antwerp together with Brussels is one of the most important cities in Belgium. Here you will find everything that is hip - art, culture, fashion and a beautiful historic old town are here at home. Not far from the airport lies, for example, the beautiful nature area Hobokense Polder on the Scheldt. There you can take walks and explore a lush plant and animal world. Antwerp is a big magnet for visitors in Belgium. People from all over the world flock to the cosmopolitan metropolis on the Scheldt to enjoy regional art, culture and cuisine. If you arrive by plane. Visit, for example, the well-preserved old town with its Cathedral of Our Lady, its Hendrik Conscienceplein and its St. Paul's Church. Also worth seeing are the Plantin Moretus Museum and the Museum Rubenshaus.

History and development of Antwerp Airport

After the first flying events at the Wilrijkse Plein, work on a proper airport for the city started in 1921. During World War II  the airport was used by the Luftwaffe, and also served the nearby Erla aircraft factory. After the German retreat in 1944, it saw brief use by Allied air forces. The airport consists of one small passenger terminal with basic facilities including service desks and a restaurant. As there are no jet bridges, walk-boarding is used. Due to its short runway length only just over 1,500 m (4,900 ft), it is not possible to operate aircraft larger than the Boeing 737 at the airport.

Entertainment of Antwerp International Airport

In the airport you can find restaurant/bar, which has an outdoor terrace that opens during summer. There is a small shop, from where you can find basic things and gifts. Unfortunately, Duty free is not available. If you have time, but don’t know what to do, in that case you can go to “Stampe & Vertongen Museum”, which is located in the airport.

Private Transfer to and from Antwerp Airport

Antwerp Airport is a good place, where you can begin your journey to discover Belgium and the Netherlands from. The 2nd biggest metropolitan in Belgium is in Antwerp. The city is famous for its port, it is the second busiest port in Europe, also known for its diamond industry and trade. Antwerp is an interesting city, which has a rich history. There are many things to discover, but definitely you will need transportation. For your comfortable trip we offer you private transfer to and from Antwerp International Airport. Be sure we will organise your smooth transfer with pleasure. Just book your transfer by Taxi.Transfers.Me in advance.

Shared transfer to and from Antwerp Airport

Everybody prefers a more luxurious and comfortable service, but not every customer is willing to pay higher prices. In that case shared transfer to and from Antwerp Airport is for you. Book your place in the shared shared transfer and enjoy your shake trip. At the same time you will get to know new people.

Antwerp International Airport Car Hire / Car Rental

People who like to drive car can hire a car from Antwerp Airport. In the airport there are some rental car companies, that offer you good cars, with best prices. Car hiring is a comfort version for tours. By this way you don’t need to wait for buses or trains. You can plan your tour how you want. It is a good idea to discover Antwerp. 

Antwerp International Airport Taxis

If you don’t book private transfer, at the same time don’t want to wait for bus, in that case taxis is for you. You can find your taxi in front of the arrival hall. In the Antwerp Airport there are several taxi companies: Taxi Antwerp, European Airports Taxi etc.

Contact Information

Official IATA code: ANR

Address: Luchthavenlei, 2100 Antwerpen, Belgium

Phone: +32 3 285 65 00

Official website: