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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The Netherlands is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. The picturesque capital is known for its beautiful unique canals and has more than 1500 bridges. City's landmark is its historical center, including Dam Square and the Red Light District, which features many cafes and coffee shops. The capital is known for its exciting nightlife and relaxed lifestyle. The city has an international flair, which has something to offer for every taste. The Ring Canal, one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, was built in the 17th century and is now known for its beautiful streets. Other well-known attractions include the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. 

History and development over the years

The main international airport of the Netherlands is situated in the southwest of Amsterdam, which is approximately a twenty-minute ride from the city center. Amsterdam is famous for many things including coffee shop companies or just random boutiques that will help you sense the city in its brightest colors. Amsterdam Airport is the busiest one in terms of passengers it serves annually. Schiphol stands out for its large number of travelers and the very high number of intercontinental flights to North America. This success is due in part to the fact that Schiphol serves not only the population of Amsterdam but also the entire region called Randstad, the Dutch megalopolis with more than 7 million inhabitants. The Dutch company KLM is one of the few European companies that has been successfully installed in the Asian market for more than 30 years. This can be explained due to the fact that Schiphol has many direct lines with well-established Asian cities, some of which have been operating since the early seventies. In 2006, 5 direct flights to Tokyo from Schiphol, 4 to Hong Kong, Taipei, 2 to Osaka, 3 to Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing and vice versa were organized, outstanding numbers, which are not surpassed by any other European airport. In addition, direct flights are operated to common and exclusive destinations such as Doha, Dar es Salaam, Lagos, Abu Dhabi, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Chengdu, Manila, Jakarta, Almaty and Riyadh. Another key factor for the success of Schiphol is that the American company Northwest Airlines chose it as its European base in 1998. Currently the company operates more than 20 flights daily to the United States. In high season, direct flights are also operated to Denver, Cincinnati, Edmonton, Tampa and Las Vegas. KLM is the only non-Spanish airline that connects Ecuador with the rest of Europe.

Entertainment at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

What can be more fascinating than a city that has so much to offer its visitors? Amsterdam’s chicness extends to various methods of spending your leisure time. Try out new cuisines for unforgettable sensations varying from Dutch, American, Irish, Italian to Japanese, Chinese and so much more. Dutch is this one language that people have real difficulty getting their tongues around. It will be absorbing, holding you spellbound trying to pronounce Dutch words or listening to natives speak. Getting off the plane, feeling exhausted and not integrated in a new atmosphere? No problem, because on the Holland Boulevard the most famous museum in the Netherlands has its own glass pavilion. Here is a collection of 17th-century Dutch painting that regularly changes. So you can leave before your flight, or after you have landed and enjoy the Dutch masters.

Private Transfers to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Taxis

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Amsterdam Airport Contact Information

Official Airport Code: AMS

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Tel: +31207940800

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